Frequently asked questions

Can I also order a silk bouquet separately (I already have a suitable vase myself)?
Yes, you can! Check out our collection of artificial flowers and silk flower bouquets.

Which silk bouquet do I need for my vase?
A bouquet and vase form a perfect whole if the sizes are matched. But sometimes a one size larger bouquet also looks very nice. The larger a bouquet and the smaller the vase, the fuller and more beautiful the result. Our advice:

  • Silk bouquet S is suitable for vase size S (21 x 29) or size M (25 x 35).
  • Silk bouquet M+ is suitable for vase size M (25 x 35 - neckline 11 cm)
  • Silk bouquet L+ is suitable for vase size L (28,5 x 40 - neckline 13 cm)
  • Silk bouquet XL+ is suitable for vase size XL (32,5 x 45 - neckline 15 cm)

The plus sign after the M, L and XL silk flower bouquets means that larger bouquet sizes in

What is the price of a silk bouquet?
The price depends on the size of the silk flowers bouquet and the flowers used.

  • Size XS +/- € 50, -
  • Size S + / - € 100, -
  • Size M + / - € 150, -
  • Size L +/- € 200, -
  • Size XL +/- € 250, -
  • Size XXL or larger from € 300

Are the listed prices of the silk flowers bouquets excluding vase?
Yes. All prices in our shop and on social media do not include vase. Unless we expressly state otherwise. 

Do you also sell separatevases?
Yes, we do! View our beautiful collection of luxury vases here.

Can I choose which colors of silk flowers I want in my bouquet?
Despite the wide choice, there is no perfect bouquet for you. You can. Call 085 - 06 06 479 or send us an email ([email protected]) and tell us your wishes. Then we will make your perfect bouquet.

I have my eye on a silk bouquet, but it is not in stock. Will it come back in stock?
Unfortunately, probably not. Here's the thing. Several times a year we receive a new collection of silk flowers. Some flowers from the 'old' collection are then no longer available. This means that we can no longer make some silk bouquets one to one. Hence, these bouquets are listed as 'out of stock' on our webshop.

But fortunately, a lot is possible! Send an email to [email protected].You can then make a request for the bouquet you have seen. We will then do our best to see if we can make the bouquet, with some other silk flowers, at least as beautiful for you as the silk bouquet that stole your heart.